the elder scrolls online

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july 27, 2023

alright cards on the table, i'm still playing this a little bit most days okay, i did end up going ten pages laugh it up. not only this but five pages of FFXIV as well. you would laugh at someone's plight of being MMO-pilled huh... the beastly claws of Daily Hell have a firm hold on my foot and i'm usually logging on not super enthusiastically i'll say this. the Champion levels have an XP system that i'm struggling to balance comfortably - i get 400k of "enlightened" XP added to a pool every day, maxing out at 4.8 million, during which the XP i gain is crazy boosted. i keep hovering around that cap because i don't play for very long each day, so i'm always feeling like i should be playing longer so i don't "waste" XP (stupid) (not smart way to think). i'm Champion level 100 currently

this game sure has a lot of quests that force me to choose someone who has to die. the characters are always like "it should be mee~ :3 hehe" so it'd be nice if one of these days the person who lived thanked me for saving them, instead of going WHY didn't you KILL me. thankfully this quest came at a time when playing FFXIV has had me thinking about how bad voice acting is worse than no voice acting, so i did not burden myself long with the decision. whichever one i killed there were gonna be a hundred other characters with identical voices and faces anyway so it'll be like nothing happened

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