the elder scrolls online

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july 1, 2023

i have learned that when i hit an error paying for ESO Plus it actually charged me twice and so i have two months' membership. anyway

bro...don't do this.....bro...

haven't really been doing much interesting on this game the past day. in terms of things to write about i mean but i guess in terms of things in the game too. doing a lot of ledgerma ledemger germalain Thievery, a lot of excavation - i'm fully in the "this game is not playable without the subscription" camp now purely because of the crafting storage, i've been getting into messing around in crafting skills and it is just not viable dude. maybe if you don't have the gamer brain disease that makes you want to pick up and harvest every material you see. today i got a new cookbook (in real life i'm talking about my real actual self now) and bought lots of ingredients but couldn't find all the ingredients for a single full recipe which was disappointing, so luckily i have my fake gamer cat self who can immediately whip up any meal she learns by finding the recipe inside a crate in hell

i thought i may as well show how my character's doing in general so far but there's not really a good single screen that shows a lot of information. i downloaded an add-on that supposedly had one but then it wouldn't let me log into the game. here's one with a bunch of numbers that don't mean anything

she's always flipping that knife around. i didn't give her a knife i don't know where she got it

july 2, 2023

after just one week i've come around on this game's relentless handholding. there is absolutely a place for this in video games, and it's when you're feeling particularly tired and brainfoggy but can't remember if you've taken your ADHD medication and so a not-too-involved RPG is all you feel capable of doing today

trucking along with the main quest now. i don't know if i'm just overleveled and that's why it happens, but i love after every quest having to leave the storycave where i get my storyquests from the storyguy while he "figures out our next move", and not being called back until i set one foot in another town

i started to get bothered by all the story-specific books and journals i'd see sitting around during quests that i would have to either drop everything i'm doing to read, or never read at all because i couldn't collect them. but i figured i must be "collecting" them in some way because they glow yellow if they're unread, so i looked it up and apparently if i do some quests at the Mages Guild i can retroactively see them all? sweet well i just finished a main story quest so i'll head over into town to do that instea--

man!!! oh well that's where i'm going at least

ahh finally i can read these

july 4, 2023

the game gave me a lootbox as a level-up reward. luckily i have the "never use valuable consumables just in case" RPG-player gene so i have a reason to ignore what i got besides the ick factor. something about the way this game presents the lootbox menu is jarringly slimy. how my character disappears and the Lootbox Mascot takes their place to greet me, for some reason i expect an Elder Scrolls game to handle its exploitation more tastefully

yes about the soul no about my name being Vestige, i just let people call me that so they can stay fully voice-acted

this is Cadwell my favorite guy from Elder Scrolls Online. from the first time i met him i thought ok, so this is the one character i will probably care about in this game and the rest will either only show up for two quests or have their entire personality be spouting fantasybabble (jury's still out on this). thankfully he is voiced by John Cleese so i knew he would not be a two-quest deal and in fact be a safe bet, i'm all in i'm investing in Cadwell. he's just a wacky bloke. got a bloody pot on his 'ead he does

characters can't talk about the Elder Scrolls in this game and have me take it seriously because they always may as well be saying something like "the prophecies foretold in the Elder Scrolls, when read by mortal eyes, cause them to succumb to spending £8.99 a month for DLC access and expanded crafting storage..."

i beat the first big bad of the story and this is a very funny thing to say when your character model is dead still like this and immediately after i looted you for 19 gold

this is around the time it occurred to me just how easy this game has been? i'm using probably very suboptimal abilities and gear, not even following what the game suggests, and i haven't really had to try yet in a fight. and from what i understand pretty much the entire game is synced to your level now (in other words there is no point to levels), so either the syncing is poorly done, the gear i'm being given is maybe a good bit stronger than it originally would've been, or the game is just easy because it's an MMO and "difficulty" in MMOs actually means "how long it takes"

also i've been taking a lot of screenshots of big story moments just because i'm getting into it. but i can't use them and say much beside "i got to this part whoaa.. Ohh and this part's crazyy"


Pic of me w Molag Bal ^_^

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