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july 14, 2023

Zenimax has been reading my journal and they have put in another monkeyquest to try to make things right. this is Nuttall (has a name - good sign) and he disarms spike traps for me. now the thing is, the spike traps do very little damage, so i don't really need Nuttall. you could argue this diminishes the monkeynecessity of the quest, but i see it more like throwing in a monkey just because, which is a decision i will always be for. you know what i always say about a monkey - "A banana a day, you well as may". and that's the end of that....

the public dungeons (the ones that are actually just delves and not dungeon dungeons) have a surprising amount of bosses that can be difficult to find. one in particular put up a real challenge; a crocodile champion by the name of Rootbiter. i searched forever for this man, looking for clues on his whereabouts, until it hit me. "root" looks like "roof" - i must simply turn my gaze upward to find him! behold!

a web search tells me this has been an issue for at least a year. or maybe it was a limited-time thing, like MMOs do, i've just missed my chance to fight him and now he is perma-shy

also we have become equipped with videos here. i looked into replay software as soon as i was sat in awe at a tree with jiggle physics. i met up with her again later so here she is

so far i've maxed out my light armor and bow skills (and provisioning) and i realized i should've been leveling the individual abilities as well, instead of sticking with the same setup of the first few that looked interesting when initially glazing over them. i've started dual wielding now and leveling up those abilities instead, and respec'd my skill points over to that and medium armor, which i knew i could do whenever but it's surprisingly cheap. i've been hurting for skill points on a few occasions but i assumed respec-ing was more of an endgame necessity, so it'd have some big cost that was too much for me where i'm currently at

i can lie. i can say untrue things, such as "i want to max out every combat skill and ability so that i have every choice equally available to me". or i can be cut down from my hubris, i can speak true words, such as "i like to make all of the numbers bigger". i might have been less eager to switch over to dual wielding if i'd actually taken the time to experiment with and level different bow abilities, to see what i liked best, or to not be doing probably stupid baby damage. if any ESO-heads look at my website and see the abilities i have slotted in my screenshots please do not make fun of me. because i will make fun of you for being a loser and then use my abilities on you in real life

i've completed all the marked quests in Grahtwood. i enjoyed it more than Auridon, the sidequests have been seeming progressively less same-y. i keep finding myself surprised at how high-quality a lot of them are compared to the main zone story but i guess that's Elder Scrolls. there aren't "main quests" and "sidequests", there are "quests" and some of them are just required. i liked this one where i ate a frog then started tripping and talked to a big tree about becoming a snake

i caved and looked up locations of remaining lorebooks. the world is very big and books are very small. it's only the map screen showing full completion except for the books that was bothering me, if it just didn't track it (which it shouldn't) i wouldn't care!!

behold, the Mages Guild. it's the exact same building model as in every other city. the paste is still fresh

going through Greenshade quests and i'm now learning i have to be even more careful with how i go about the story. i somehow, in the main zone story chain, skipped over a quest, propelling the story noticeably further ahead. then when i went back to do it, obviously at first i and other characters were talking like i hadn't done that next quest yet, but then at one point there's a dialogue option that acknowledges i did do it?? i couldn't find any mention of the dialogue online either. this is frustrating! because i'm super absorbed in the story currently but the game is going hmm i think i will tell it in the most calculatedly disjointed way possible!! the "ESO Timeline" browser bookmark i have is not enough

is it because i didn't ask nicely that it's being told like this

i have unlocked a catwife quest? the wifemeter goes up extremely slow so this had me very excited



july 16, 2023

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