the elder scrolls online

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i may only be updating this every two days but rest assured that is only because every other day i am simply too busy playing the game. i wonder how long i can use medication withdrawals as an excuse, though i am still only barely staying awake on two cans of Monster a day

i finished all the quests i could find in Greenshade yesterday and one thing that has started to bother me, really break my immersion, is being expected to believe my character remembers all these different characters that show up for one or two quests. i don't care if canonically all these events took a month to transpire and thus would've had longer to sink in, i went through the whole zone in like a day buddy i'm not from Tamriel i'm from Earth where we have advanced technology such as "fast travel" and "quest markers"

also, if i may walk back my previous complimenting of this game's abundance of voiced dialogue just a little, i don't know how i'm meant to keep track of so many characters when this game uses like four voice actors for every minor character. as well as for some reason the same four facial models? and i've been in elfworld so long everyone is named either Elfenwe or Elfiniel

yes exactly. this quest showed up right when i started having these concerns so i have to assume this was all calculated

okay never mind there are not "so many faces" buddy there are four

these Wood Elves goofy as hell i'm sorry i've been avoiding the plainly racist dialogue options so far. but along with them all looking and sounding the damn same (you are now watching radicalization in realtime) most of this zone was dealing with their goofy customs like "if you cut a leaf from a plant or eat a berry you will be doomed to purgatory for all eternity" and "theft is legal as long as it's artfully done". meanwhile i'm picking every alchemy reagant i see with no repercussions, and i still get a price on my head for pickpocketing, and who are these guards to tell me what is and isn't art

they say they don't care if outsiders break this insane leaf pact yet i did a quest where i had to purgatorize another catguy for being paid to pick a flower. subtly pushing the infinite flowers further down into my ESO+ crafting bag

the Owlhoods guild is now available to join please include a can of Monster (white flavor) with your application

today i'm very close to level cap and tomorrow i want to do other things, so i'm going to bang this out today and then probably wind down a little on ESO for a bit. the quickest big chunk of XP i knew how to get was to do a daily random dungeon which of course i dreaded but this time it was cool, but only because of the dungeon itself. it was still a mad dash following other players and having no opportunity to actually see what the hell was going on but there were a lot of cool things for me to look at

at one point we became robot mice in a robot maze. i had no idea what i was meant to do or why it was happening but this was enough for me to have a good time. i don't like how it's pretty much required to play the game all the way zoomed out in third-person to see telegraphed mechanics, but i am shown myself as robomouse as compensation so it's fine. the bosses were cool too? man this would be fun to do with friends slash nobody

wow, level cap, finally, after ~120 hours. except not really because there are an extra 3600 "champion" mini-levels i now progress through and oh my god they're coming so fast

this is the real level i am to believe. the first 50 levels are the fake tutorial baby levels and the Champion levels are my level-level. considering how crazy long getting to the real level cap seems to take i'm surprised the progression is still so. RPG. like at this point in an MMO all character progression would usually amount to getting better gear, whether it be in terms of stats or in terms of Looks Better. but 3600 is a lot of extra allocatable points to gradually unlock over the next 150 years of gameplay, and they all go toward actual character attributes and abilities. granted just about everything in this game is scaled to my level so i don't know how much that really matters, or if "my level" includes Champion points and whatever stats i put them into. but for now i will carry on hoping this game does more than other games in addressing the dreadful MMO blight that is vertical gear progression

all this being said i am mad the game decided to suddenly ramp up the doling out dopamine hits instead of it slowing down. i did say earlier i wanted to cool it on this game for a while, and i know Zenimax is reading my website because they put in more monkeyquests for me personally, so i have to once again assume this was another calculated move on their part. anyway here are more weird glitches i got today

this dialogue wouldn't move from the lower part of my screen

the first day of playing this game i wrote very truthfully and correctly about how MMOs are bad and thus by extension this game is also bad, followed by me saying there will still probably be another ten pages on it regardless, making me look like the fool of the world. this is where i strategically end my playthrough of "Elder Scrolling On The Web", after nine pages, to maintain my very right initial position about this game being stupid and people who play it being losers who are also stupid. i just had to play it for 120 hours to be able to write in greater detail how it is stupid. concern yourself not with how just earlier i caught myself uttering "i love this game - oh no"

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