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PS5 - mediatonic, 2020+

november 9, 2023

this was popular some time ago. maybe it still is i don't know, i've long stopped following trends and media in general. it's nice i recommend it. i know they've apparently lowered the player count from 60 to 40, which probably doesn't have much to do with however popular it is now because i still get into games pretty quick. it's a fun little game that's cool and nice to play

i downloaded this last night because i was looking for a free game to play on my new sony gamesbox. i played it a lil on PC last year but it would freeze a lot, and i guess it froze on the final round enough times for me to put off picking it back up on my lotsofcompanies everythingbox. was also surprised to learn i didn't need PlayStation Plus! it did however force me to make an Epic Games account which, if the process was anymore complicated than pressing a button to say "yeah make one for this PS account whatever" i would have deleted the game

cool that soon after getting into it i learned there were recently layoffs at Mediatonic and Epic as a whole, followed by an incredibly embarrassing announcement letter from Tim Sweeney about how he made big booboos with Fortnite and is deciding to punish everyone else for it instead of die. probably a case where it would've been better to be following media, though not like i was at any point thinking lately "i wonder if Epic Games still sucks"

i won my first couple games except for my first-first one where i forgot i could dive (doesn't count for that reason (also it was a bad Creative course so it super doesn't count)). yeah there's custom player-made courses now weaved into the regular game which conceptually is very cool but in reality is bad. and not because of the natural fact that nearly all custom levels in a game popular with children are going to be terrible, no in fact they're handpicked and beforehand it'll even say like "20 million plays!" and then still be boring

it's also an excuse for them to add new uninteresting "official" courses? this one is by Fall Guys Team, as are most ones i see actually. i haven't checked out the Creative mode so maybe the tools just aren't that extensive

the rotating store sucks and manufactured fomo is bad, but i did login today hoping there was some kind of bird costume available to buy. of course even if there were one it'd most likely be locked behind premium currency. instead there's an obnoxious amount of pop culture outfits which, if i were playing a few months ago when everyone was unlocking FFXIV cosmetics i would be fine with, but i missed out on that so now i'm going to complain

november 12, 2023

i'm in the Daily Trap already. normally i say "daily hell" on here but that implies the tasks are tedious and here it's just fun. yet when i'm all out of challenges for the day i don't feel that compelled to continue? i think it's the loading. so little of my time playing this game is spent actually playing the game. i hope it's the loading, because feeling like there's no point to playing a game i recognize as fun if i'm not getting meaningless battle pass points for it would be a little dire. oh well keeps me from burning out on it quickly

and the points really are meaningless; this season is the "food pass" and the cosmetics aren't very good to look at. the only real progression metric is Crowns for winning, or so the game says. since after a certain point every battle pass reward is just Crowns, and you can buy pass levels, so essentially you can buy Crowns. so basically you have to just play the game for fun. in this day and age??

may have been a glitch. i'm seeing a few flaws and not many victories

i think i got tricked with my first day on this game when i was winning pretty regularly, now i don't think i've won at all the past three days. i've entered the big bean pool. reminds me of when i started playing Fortnite and i won my first ten games in a row, as i slowly realized a lot of the other players were most likely bots. would suck pretty bad to lie about the people you're playing against being real people, but if i've seen it in one Epic game then well

update: right after i wrote this i remembered the same thing happened to me today in Rocket League

november 15, 2023

today there was a custom show available to queue for that was just a single minute-long slog through randomized conveyor belts, with a maximum of four players (even though it said 40), and the reward was a whole entire 100% of a Crown. i guess i got on pretty early after it had been added, because at first it was just a major fumblefest every game and within an hour people had started to figure it out and clear the thing real quick. this is the entirety of the show

i made it look simple but it took a while for me to get down anything slightly resembling a strategy. i started to worry i'd missed my chance to really milk this thing of Crowns while everyone still sucked at it, because i was getting 2-3 win streaks early on then after a while i was struggling to win any!! i started recognizing repeat winners and making personal vendettas. but eventually i managed to get the achievement for 5 wins in a row, which was what i was mostly going for, because i couldn't imagine i'd be able to get that normally anytime soon. i didn't wanna leave until i got it because i knew it'd only get harder

made me a little sad because i had an idea that Crowns were a neat metric of how many massive beangames i'd won, and now it seems even more meaningless than when i saw you could essentially buy them. i think i tripled the amount i had before today just from this course. why would i continue playing solos to complete my challenges when i can fast-track it playing awful Creative stages? i thought we'd established "fun" alone is not a valid reason for playing video games anymore. it is simply a means to an end, and that end is making sure there is a number somewhere that is going up. i think they should add gambling to Fall Guys

found this in my video folder before publishing and i'm yearning again....FFXIV said they'll repeat their Fall Guys event in the future. so this game should complete the cycle and bring back that battle pass at some point as well. i'm at the point in the pass where it could become self-sustaining. i would take the initial monetary plunge. i would do it for miku alphinaud

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