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PC - square, 2002+

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june 26, 2023

it took five days on customer support with Square Enix for me to get access to this game. the registration code required to make an account is only sent to you via a single email at the time of purchasing it from the SE store, and there's no way to change the email address on your account. both strange decisions that i imagine get them a lot more support tickets than necessary. i said this to them too, i'm just trying to help make your jobs easier dude, in case you hadn't yet realized how bad your account systems are
this is not even to mention PlayOnline which everybody says sucks to use but is apparently so deeply baked into FFXI's code at this point that Square is too scared to try to amputate it. fortunately all its added headaches are made up for by its vibes being unmatched. how i yearn to have experienced this on a PS2. this is the music of playing on-line

this warning used to be in FFXIV but they took it out. i guess they have a desire now

all the male characters have epic warriorhero background music and all the female characters have sexy sex music. i'm in awe

i wonder how he's doin. u know

this is the worst character creation menu ever dude i'm trying to see the different facial options but? they just carry on with their animations?? camera moves around showing them doing flips n whatnot girl can i please LOOK at you

all the randomly generated Mithra names are suspiciously close to Zephie?? it's either Eiphieh, Eephize, Fefephihe, Epipen, or Skuunkyafunanpyakafa

alright i'm pretty sure it's doing it based on my PlayOnline name

The Begins

i cannot wait to get into gameplay so i can (hopefully) separate the NPC dialogue from the endless market chat are you kidding me

there's gotta be a plugin that makes these guys talk normal

and me

i like when an enemy drops a number guessing game chest that takes a full minute+. haven't decided if this is sarcastic yet, maybe when i find out if the loot i get is good or not. is "linen" good

the transition screen to an area i'd already been to randomly played i think an opening cutscene for a new storyline? at least not as bad as FFXIV showing a cinematic of a character death* upon opening the game for the first time if you have an expansion installed

me: ok computer, search for help articles on turning off XP messages
square: nothing found for that. here's homophobia though. is this good

closed the game to troubleshoot framerate problems so i will use this time to get down first hour-ish-maybe-two thoughts. uhhh controls are from the 1600s but honestly i prefer everything being neatly packed into menus over having 50 different icons on my screen at all times. this feels like a very slow game that would be cool and chill to play with a controller, especially because those framerate problems are apparently often caused by the game looking for a controller that's enabled but not plugged in, and i did not even have it enabled so i am just going to not bother dealing with that. i need to spend time configuring the log window because it is bad, there are too many nothingmessages and they are tedious to navigate. someone could have been asking me if i wanted to be their best Final Fantasy friend (my real reason for playing this game) but i didn't see it because the game was telling me my evasion level went up by 0.2 points after every hit and that i made progress in the quests 'kill 10 enemies', 'kill 50 enemies', 'kill 100 enemies' and 'kill 200 enemies'

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