final fantasy xiv

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february 11, 2024

there is a free login campaign happening and i am return to Eorzea babyyy. five months that sure is enough time for me to immediately wonder what the hell is going on upon logging in. man i really went through leveling every job to 50 last year huh, and i am not back into it enough to feel like relearning any of those, so back to Bard i default

also not in the mood to relearn raids. i understand this game has something for everyone but duties are not and have never been for me. i'm still in the process of new game+ing through the main story so i had to do the Crystal Tower raids again since those are essentially main story now, and man i wish i could just skip them. at least for MSQ duties i can unsync them and not have to worry about any cryptic mechanics. zephieheads know how i feel at this point

let me address something important first off. yes these screenshots are wide now. shortly after i stopped playing a few months ago my CRT went to heaven. i miss it sorely. i scheduled to have it recycled but they just didn't pick it up, and i still walk past the speakers that people have kicked around and destroyed in a dirt patch near my apartment. nothing can make me feel better

i'm ok now :) when i logged on and realized i was in the middle of replaying Crystal Tower i groaned, then i remembered i get to reconvene with my favorite catboy G'raha. i remembered my first time going through thinking the story was boring and confusing but this time knowing that G'raha and i end up having epic catboy sex made me pay more attention and now i think it's cool. sorry for spoilers

screw da ""Chronology Quest"" i wanna be caught up in time for Dawntrail and my five-month break did me no favors in making that attainable. sticking hard to the main story now because avoiding spoilers is a pain!!! i'm always afraid i'll be like Hmm i wonder if this new patch added any interesting side content, then i'll look at patch notes and it'll say "We have added the Alphinaud's Funeral minigame, because alphinaud is dead"

february 13, 2024

i don't know what happened but one day game works and next it don't. i clicked a button in the launcher to "restore game data" and that apparently meant redownloading the entire freakening game, after which it still didn't work. now i'm using a different launcher and it's fine so whatever. i can't think of a single thing that changed to break the launcher. hate playing games on the computer

doing the valentine's day event alone on valentine's day? sounds pretty sad. but it's not sad if i do it the day before valentine's day. actually it's called Valentione's Day here which is something totally different and actually very cool to be alone for

i think i've only done this event one time many years ago and it involved cooperating with another person who also plays final fantasy fourteen, one of which i miraculously knew at the time, and that i now do not. thankfully this time around it was just a boring quest where i watched an NPC couple talk about whatever the hell people in relationships talk about. crystals and spells. but i got this new emote for me to use at no one

there was a Fall Guys collab minigame that i missed, which looked terrible and not fun but i missed it so i'm annoyed. for some reason i thought i remembered them saying it would be permanent, so i went to the Gold Saucer looking for it. i'm looking at the event rewards now and i don't want a single one of them. in fact i'd prefer not to have them; there was a Yokai Watch event that rewarded a ton of minions so now a large portion of my minion collection is Yokai Watches, and i don't like Yokai Watch. but i'm still annoyed

about midway through the post-ARR story. again spoilers some guy dies sorry. just reading that makes me feel like getting to Dawntrail in time will be impossible, but i forget about how much time i spent messing around when i played last. nowadays i don't care much about What's Current with media anymore so being caught up in time wouldn't usually matter to me, but i don't know it'd be nice to experience new content with other players around. whenever i notice someone going through the same point in the main story as me well it's a little treat

i just finished a new game+ chapter and it put me back here in shadowbringers times don't sass me child

february 16, 2024

i started playing again during the free period hoping that'd be enough to sate me but now i am resubbed, i'm all the way back in baby. character selection screen says i've been subscribed for 720 days total and i don't wanna do the math to figure out how much i've spent on this game. i also bought it on PS4 back during Heavensward and i don't remember why, i think because remote play-ing it on Vita sounded appealing and then i did it one time. pretty funny that i finished FF1 and said "i think i'll play one of the good FFs next" then immediately went back to the one i've already played for a thousand hours

part of me wonders if the move to the Rising Stones had anything to do with making new character dialogue more visible, since at the Waking Sands everyone was confined to a separate room out of the way. now i walk in and see ooh ooh Thancred is in a slightly different spot what does everyone have to say to me now!! but i've also since noticed sometimes they'll have new dialogue after not having moved at all, which is probably going to cause a lot of fruitless checking and wasted time

i like soaking up as much dialogue as i can. totally competes with my desire to catch up on the story in a reasonable amount of time but whatever there's a lot of roses i like to get all up into smelling. i do this despite characters often getting annoyed by my insistence on hearing everything they have to say, because they'll order me to go somewhere "as soon as possible" then i'll talk to them again and they'll say umm? as soon as possible?

you know i gotta wonder how many people would actually bother to play through the entire story again and notice stuff like this. it's not like the Bad Banquet would happen then people would remember this specific line out of thousands and be like ohh! ohhh!!! i do love the writing in this game. sometimes during my daily dedicated reading time i'll opt to dig into my 300-hour high-fantasy political drama instead

many many times have i gotten the slice wrong over the years...and i have finally done it right.. all it takes is learning how to do advanced hyper-algebrigonometry one million brainmode every second to figure out where the bamboo falls. i feel like i can unsub now

i just learned they replaced the Steps of Faith duty recently with a new single-player instance, because everyone always complained about it being complicated. i don't remember how bad it used to be but purely from it being a story battle i can now do solo i think it's a good move. it's a cool sequence also, and it's definitely clear that it was not made back in 2015 because there is some stuff going on, that there has not been at all up to this point

looking forward to the "big graphical update" coming with Dawntrail that will make that discrepency between old-old content and new-old content even more jarring. one time i spent a few minutes flying across the world in World of Warcraft and it looked like an "EVOLUTION OF VIDEO GAME GRAPHICS (2004-2014)" video happening in realtime, although FFXIV's world is all segregated so it wouldn't be as funny here. speaking of Dawntrail i just heard about the new Pictomancer job. looks and sounds bad

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