final fantasy xiv

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february 26, 2024

i have briefly been led astray by the irresistible allure of incredibly boring daily tasks. i figured i'm playing the game, i'm here now, may as well be making use of my daily allowances, such as for Heavensward tribe quests. thankfully there are only three tribes as opposed to the five that ARR had. unthankfully they were developed with being able to fly in mind so the quests are even more tedious, and involve long stretches of flying All The Damn Way across these massive zones so that i can pick three berries

the Vanu should be my favorite guys (they're bird people). unfortunately they are the worst offenders out of the Tedium Tribes, and they themselves are also extremely boring and impossible to tell apart by their impossible-to-tell-apart names. i'm only sticking it out because by helping them out with whatever it is they need help with i don't read the repeatable quest dialogue i can unlock an outfit that makes me look like a bird person. and that's all i want

i've been treated to terrible flashbacks from before this game signified which quests unlock new content. i guess they just forgot to do it here, but the questline to unlock the moogle tribe is unmarked, and each new quest in a completely different spot with no hints across two zones so good luck stumbling upon that hefty piece of content without consulting a wiki. not to mention the questline was boring and unnecessary, i've been spoiled by sticking to the main story. i forgot how bad the fetch quests can be

my drive to carry on with the main story is being fueled by almost constantly running into content i have to be level 90 for. managing my own island, a level 90 bow i saw someone wielding that had a small bird perched on it, being able to make a lot of gil and hopefully buying a house. speaking of making gil someone gave me 500k because they were giving it out to the "first three sprouts" who found them. still being a sprout despite my 2+ months of playtime over 8 years has its perks

february 28, 2024

i had a bad dream the other night....i was standing amongst many others in the Gridania housing ward, in front of a new plot that was being sold... everyone was taking their turns buying a lottery ticket, a message in chat announcing each successful purchase. yet when it was my turn to step up, people noticed there was no chat message afterwards...they knew i couldn't buy a ticket, as i didn't have the money for it.. they all laughed at me and asked why i was here

the scene in my dream was too accurate. it stings a little to see this

i think if i lived here everything would be okay, just in general. this is the first ward and the lottery period for this plot ends in half a day and there are no entries yet, so i am being thoroughly taunted. though this plot is only available to Free Companies that have at least four members so i'm thinking i'll have to go around offering people 50k again to join. or make some friends and have people join for real. but the 50k thing is easier

had another embarrassment-filled FFXIV dream some time ago. there was an elite mark boss out in the world that everyone was gathered around for, waiting to kill as a group. but i accidentally attacked it and then it killed a few people and disappeared. i thought there were enough people there that hopefully no one would've noticed it was me. but then someone in chat said "don't worry, i have a plugin installed that will help me figure out who was responsible" and i immediately logged out, terrified of having to take the heat

i haven't started Stormblood yet. i was replaying the Alexander story then i found out i can only have one New Game+ campaign saved at a time so i said screw da big robot. so i'm still on post-Heavensward but i couldn't resist - M'naago the Ala Mhigan Resistance needs me now. i maxed out my reputation with M'naago and it SUCKS because when i do that with everyone else i unlock the ability to apply glamour to them but not with her??? no wonder i remember not liking this expansion much

actually when i first started Stormblood and she comes in all injured i was scared she was gonna die at some point, because this game has a habit of killing off all its hottest coolest characters. so when i learned there's weekly side content revolved around her, and therefore she probably wasn't going to die, it was a big relief. then i learned i could unlock the "Naago's Partner" title.... and now i have learned it's not for simply maxing out her reputation but instead doing her weekly deliveries for six months total. but i'll do it for her

it is a time of growth for me... it's funny in real life i sort of have the opposite of a hoarding problem; i'll get rid of a lot of things if they're cheap enough and i don't see myself needing them in the next few months. i think it's mostly because my apartment is really small so i'm always wanting to free up space. cut to Catboy Chronicle XIV where i tend to keep every piece of untradeable gear i get. i treat it like unlocking transmog even though this game doesn't do that, and there is not even close to being almost nearly enough storage space to house everything

i realized it was a futile endeavor when i ran out of space in my glamour dresser, and i started using a retainer specifically for storing rings and bracelets and stuff that are all barely visible and look almost exactly the same. it was time for a change. i went through the gear i had stored, trying on allllll the green-tiered gear to see if i'd ever realistically want to wear it, taking out everything i didn't think i would so i could trade them in for seals. and i got hundreds of thousands of seals out of it! and i managed to cut my dresser space down from 800/800 to under 500

i spent most of those seals on minion/mount lootboxes to disappointing results. there's a like, .5% chance of getting something good that can go for millions on the market, and lately i've been feeling impatient with my inability to make gil. if that wasn't obvious from the literal dream i had about it, as cool people with lots going on in their lives tend to have

i still don't think i was strict enough, and i'll probably do another pass soon. i didn't try on most of the blue gear since as a rule they're usually cooler, and i figured they'd be difficult to reobtain. even though in a lot of cases tradeable gear would actually be more difficult to get, and they often even look cooler. but doing this showed me just how many tomestones and PvP currencies i've wasted on gear i didn't really want, just to "collect" them. a lot of them are near-identical too!! i don't need the Epic Hat of Aiming and the Epic Hat of Striking that are the same model with a slightly different shade of blue

an event started today where this dude showed up and asked me to help move his car while Stand By Me played (they did this in celebration of the fifteenth page of my journal). i only played FFXV a little bit when it came out so that's what it is to me, a game where you push a car. been meaning to try it out again at some point since it's apparently way improved but all i think of is the time they held an anniversary event to announce that the rest of the planned DLC had been cancelled

Noctis gave me his super spear throwing teleporting whoosh move for one fight and it really highlighted how lame this game's lame MMO combat is, especially when it's followed by him showing off what his game's combat is like. we also went fishing and camping and then we took a "photo" together, but i didn't know what that was because i'm from olden times world where we don't know what cameras are but we know how to fix flying cars

hell yea.....

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