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march 15, 2024

accidentally deleted a day's journal hehe oopsie! i'll try to rewrite whatever i remember from a few days ago

i spent years thinking Palace of the Dead was much more difficult than it is. because if i've died once, upon starting it up again it'll tell me "later floors will not be accessible". what it doesn't tell me is that by "later floors" it actually means floors past 100, not floors past the one i got up to before dying. so all this time i thought i had to clear floors 1-50 then 51-100 without any deaths. i am "toadally" mad about this

was surprised to find out people generally don't like Palace of the Dead since i found it enjoyable-ish. then i hit the level cap and taking out mobs just to clear rooms became a chore. then i started to get real bored of hitting the "30 seconds trap" every floor, where i am stuck waiting around unable to do anything for 30 seconds, as punishment for my running past a randomly-placed invisible trap on the floor. the 60-minute time limit seemed generous at first

but it was all worth it in the end for this very funny scene. the ending of the long, tragic tale of Edda Pureheart, a character from the introductory sequence of the game, who after being freed, sends me off with a smile, thanking me for all i've done, before finally fading away. and then i get the celebratory fanfare with the "you killed her!" message. sorry Edda maybe you should have went to the Palace of the Alive

onto Heaven-on-High! it's the same thing again! i really didn't know anything about it so i don't know exactly what i was expecting but it wasn't simply more floors. i know they're both categorized as Deep Dungeon content but i don't know i was hoping it would be at least a little different fundamentally, aside from the couple new items and buffs. maybe have gotten rid of the 30 seconds traps. all i'm saying is, they "otter" had made more changes to it

so i'm all in on Gunbreaker being my tank, it's cool and i like it, so now i need a healer to stick with. i remembered White Mage being kinda boring and basic, not digging Scholar for whatever reason, and from what i've read Astrologian is for mondo-brainium Yu-gi-oh players. so i unlocked Sage and, pretty quickly i'm starting to not be super down with this whole boosted starting point for newly-added jobs thing. you can't just dump 70 levels' worth of healing spells on a guy

to h*ll with this for now. i should probably try to learn the names of my Gunbreaker abilities first (instead of just recognizing the icons) before leaping into Sage, where everything is in greek. there's a spell called Pepsis dude

ok i think that was all the stuff i wrote about before. there were some really really extremely funny jokes originally that everybody emailed me about and made me a million dollars but they're just not coming back to me sorry.. i'll come up with new ones. wwhy's it called Final fantasy if there s 14 of them!!

i finished the Heaven-on-High story then went back to Palace of the Dead. i'm sorry to say that i want to go all the way. i want to solo all 200 floors with no deaths. i want to be the Neck Romancer. i've been readin i've been studyin, i've been leveling Machinist because it's apparently the best job for the job for the job. this is a whole ordeal and there are websites dedicated to learning how to do it; to go for one of the rarest titles in the game. it involves consciously trying to become good at the game which i suppose i should get around to at some point anyway

before i even think about actually attempting it i'm trying to farm my way to max aetherpool gear and a lot of palacepotions, and it's taking a dang while. i'd like to point out that all i said was i want to do it, not that i will do it, and i fully acknowledge the very probable possibility that i will get bored before i even have 99/99 aetherpool gear. or that something else will happen to make me fall off, which it did, which i would have written about earlier if i wasn't sick. because the thing is i got sick

i'm currently stuck in a cycle of getting sick every 3-4 weeks and i don't know what it is i eat good i exercise what my body want from me!!!!! anyway the last time i was sick i made a lotta headway in the Heavensward MSQ, and i mostly stuck to the main story this time as well because it's chill and easy and i don't have to be capable of keeping my eyes open 100% of the time. if i'm truly trapped in the sniffleloop then this could be an arrangement that gets me through the story at a consistent pace

i had to fight Zenos again. the fights are rigged and at whatever% through he'll do his stupid ultimate move that puts me into a cutscene, so i probably don't have to try hard here, but i still gave it my all. i wanted to beat him. there was a small part of me that hoped if i fought well enough it would all end here and we could maybe move onto a more interesting villain, like one of the catfish guys

around this point it introduces this little feature during quests where i gotta scope around and snipe things from afar. if i remember correctly they start having sequences like these quite liberally from this point on, and i think i do remember correctly because afterwards i did a sidequest where i had to do it again. definitely came across like them excitedly having figured out A New Thing with their tangled 1.0 code, even if the feature itself is completely whatever

despite the name i've been using to keep track of mathematically just how final fantasy i am. there's no glamour.. there's no glamour stat because it's not a collection. there's no glamour :) a lot of this stuff had to be tracked manually, and because some hairstyles are gender-locked in the year of our twelve 20whatever, the only way i could see what i had unlocked is if i changed the appearance of a retainer. and man does the retainer manager lady give me stink when i tell her i want to change how my retainer looks. told her it was a lalafell and she understood

also got this yesterday. sorry to those 50 thousand but how does it feel to all be worth .0002 of an achievement point

made duty portraits for the jobs i've been playing recently (Bard, Gunbreaker, Dragoon and Machinist). i talked before about making a single joke during duties to earn commendations but i failed to consider that portraits are likely a factor as well. rest assured i will be contacting party members after the fact to ascertain whether they commended me because i'm a funny funguy or because i looked cool on the commendation screen. then when they call me a loser for asking i will say well you can't un-commend me now haha, and then i will block them. hopefully some will feel intimidated by the Machinist one into commending me

Machinist is fun, i think. jury's still out on whether i actually think this or i'm just making myself think it because i know i'll be playing it a ton for Palace of the Dead. but it at least can't be denied that it's cool and good to shoot things, plus i get a little turret and one of the questline characters is Lunch from Dragon Ball. was up late last night painstakingly leveling it to 50 so i could use that glamour instead of this

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