final fantasy xiv

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march 23, 2024

can't even sit at a table without being threatened

i noted this during the post-Heavensward quests as well but i much prefer the patch quest structure. aside from the fact the story in these quests is just better than in 4.0, there's a tighter focus on telling it. fewer quests with more pivotal cutscenes and battles, no killing three boars, no massive new zones being introduced, and all in more distinct chapters. i'll start a new patch's MSQ and it's clear that time has passed since the last

it was originally spoiled for me that Gosetsu didn't die in the castle because i saw there was some kind of FFXIV novel called "Gosetsu the Samurai Who Doesn't Die Ever Even When It Obviously Seems Like He Does" or whatever. man the Yotsuyu amnesia arc is so weird. i guess it's hard to do an amnesia plot in general without on some level provoking thoughts of, they're really doing this huh. but watching such a depraved character go full childmode, plus her parents' continued attempt to sell her off, it's an especially uncomfortable thing to watch

which is why i was so annoyed by her boss fight. specifically because the fight itself has very important scenes unfold within it, but as we already know by this point you're not making it through a trial in this game without looking up what to do beforehand. so i'm expected to spoil not just the spectacle for myself, but also those story moments in the process. whatever. Whatever

the life he led before joining the front was sex trafficking. but here's the king of Doma saying he won't condemn it

the game's sudden affinity for lame sniper segments? boring. its sudden affinity for making me play as other characters? cool and good. i mean still kinda boring because i only get one attack, a DoT and a heal, since they're not gonna make me learn a whole new skillset for one fight. but its a nice change of pace from having to look at my stupid catboy. for once i get to play as a smart catgirl, and i don't even have to buy a fantasia. also Gaius shows up here and insists he be called "Shadowhunter" which is pretty funny

"za baan" has been seared into my brain for years now for whatever reason

i guess i forgot about this. one day i was browsing the online store and saw a 'Clockwork Solus' minion released in Endwalker and thought hey wait that's Emet-Selch wouldn't that mean Whaaaat Daaaa. i thought i'd been spoiled by a cash shop item. no idiot he did da whole empire he said that already

honestly it's about time we got some cool Ascians up in here. yeah their plot is very big and scary and i'm super down with stopping it but man they themselves are boring. they tryna bring about an Arbore. you need a funny sexy Ascian or it's just not going to work. you need one that'll make you go mm maybe we could let him have just a little Rejoining? it's called writing sweetie

this is crazy

yea i'm thinkin i'm gonna become the Warrior of Darkness..

march 25, 2024

i'm very very happy to be playing Shadowbringers again. it just turned spring so i'm starting to be reminded more often that we have a sun, and how nice it is when it comes out, which is a funny contrast to this game's plot. my mood unfortunately depends heavily on the weather but it's nice to play a nice game that i enjoy when it's also nice out :) until i go outside to take it in, then soon after have to come back inside because i got a bad knee

game is enchanting right off the bat, and the Crystarium is maybe one of my favorite places in video games. plus it's nice to take a break from Eorzea in a way, without having to think of something else to do with my time. yeah i know tensions with the empire are the highest they've ever been but i gotta go to a pretty purple forest for a while, sorry about your white phosphorus problem. anyway i immediately broke the first quest in new game+ by teleporting

i wonder how this works in relation to the "simpsons time bubble" the devs have claimed this world is perpetually in, where no one ages and it's always five years since the calamity. Alphinaud and Alisaie definitely still look like teenagers in the Dawntrailer, while the WoL has visibly aged 5-10 years. but there was a line during the post-Stormblood quests that implied it'd been a year since the beginning of 4.0 so maybe nothing makes sense and it's a video game. also the scions have been here for years now, perfectly aware of where everyone else is but some of them still just haven't met up ever? i'm really the glue of the seventh dawn

Shadowbringers does seem to forget that "it's a video game" is a valid excuse sometimes. i've been transported to another world and all my friends are stuck here, but obviously it's an MMO so i can't just be stuck here as well. so there has to be a lore explanation for why i can travel back and forth, and why i can still access my retainers from here, and why the time bubble is back in effect only now that i've arrived. but in feeling the need to explain everything it actually makes the lore dumber rather than tighter

ahh yeah haha it was stupid, yeah i would never use that aha.. also the 'd' in his name is here now and no explanation has been given

alright well i just looked into this and it turns out he was in fact not referring to 'Warrior of Darkness' here, and Arbert was the alias. apparently because of differences in naming conventions it would be crazy messed up to have a 'd' in your name in the Source

speaking of tightening the lore, this game is usually pretty in-depth about the inner workings of aether, even though it's like if we constantly talked about atoms. but since coming here, particularly in Il Mheg with the fae folk, there's been a marked increase in magicks that could do with those long-winded deep delves. in gameplay and boss fights whatever, it's a video game, but when it's involved heavily in the plot i find my curiosity left woefully unsated... someone pulls some crazy new spell out of nowhere and i can think of a dozen situations throughout the story in which it would've been extremely useful

running dungeons with NPCs slow as hell but worth it to avoid having to tank in front other people, and for precious little moments like Ryne continuing to slowly tiptoe across the beam in Dohn Mheg after we've all rushed on ahead. plus they all know where to stand for mechanics so i can just follow them

in non-MSQ news i got this. i'm slowly getting closer to affording that 4 million MGP mount but they keep introducing limited-time items pull me further back. FFXVI crossover event happening next week with 400k worth of items, half of that being orchestrion rolls i will never use. but what if one day i hold a party at my house i don't own with my friends i don't have and they ask me to put on a specific song i don't know from a game i haven't played

yesterday i spent, maybe multiple hours painstakingly attempting to craft everything for my daily Grand Company supply missions. it always seemed like more hassle than it was worth so i never engaged with it unless i happened to have a requested item on me. mostly i was trying to wrap my head around using online tools to keep track of everything i'd need to buy/craft/gather. but then in the end....i went to turn everything in the minute the daily reset happened. the requested item list changed before my eyes. i'm going to become the warrior of darkness

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