final fantasy xiv

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april 2, 2024

i know i said "screw it" to completing all major sidestories before starting Endwalker, but i read that the lead writer recommends at least doing the Omega raids. i never did them, because they're from Stormblood, and whenever i was going through Stormblood initially i was mostly just thinking about being done with Stormblood. also because they're raids, and raids and i don't generally get along. after playing through them all i still don't understand why this game calls them raids when they're really just trials

couldn't agree with you more Cid. except for the "challenge" part, that's like saying speaking french is a challenge if you don't know french. no i just don't know french

god i wish i knew french. thankfully the fights were sometimes cool enough that i could forgive the unintuitiveness, like the Phantom Train. not the one afterwards though, where basically we had to dip into paintings on the ground to avoid attacks i guess? and i was just following what everyone else was doing. then suddenly when i followed them to a specific painting, i was the only one actually able to jump into it, and i now had a specific job to do lest half the party die. obviously half the party died

i didn't know this raid series was a Final Fantasy All-Stars compilation. i know most raids in this game borrow heavily from other FFs but they usually integrate it a little more gracefully, here it's canonically just "Omega played FFVI and decided to make the clown real". it's a toss-up whether they establish the other games actually happened or if they're works of fiction, but luckily Jack Garland is at least real

alright enough talking about the BORING parts of the raids let's get into the real meat of things. look at this bird. he is quite literally a perfect little man. my heart swells when i see him. every scene in which Alpha is on screen is simultaneously the best scene in the game. Cid is having traumatic flashbacks to when his father destroyed a whole city dude i don't CARE look at the bird. we're talking about how we have to stop Omega he can't be that bad if he made Alpha

i knew this storyline had a funny cartoon chocobo but i thought he was a robot or something, or that he didn't play much of a role. no he's a real boy he's my friend and as far as i know nothing else actually happened in this story besides the stuff when Alpha's on screen. the ending scene that's just a montage of him going off to explore the world on his own got me reaching through the screen begging Square to let me go with him

after completing these raids Alpha starts randomly appearing around the world so obviously finding him was an immediate priority. it's apparently client-side so all i could do was repeatedly teleport to the same zone hoping he'd show up. i eventually saw him but i couldn't interact with him :( he didn't even seem to notice

i mentioned the other day i've started working on a new version of my website. i use Neocities for hosting which has a pretty big community of people making retro-styled sites, i've often been checking them out and studying their code. and i've noticed a lot of them have pages labeled as "shrines" dedicated to things from media they like, which initially i thought they were just doing because they saw other people doing it. but now i'm thinking about it. i'm thinking of an Alpha shrine

this is on the Square Enix store for $60. it's available on the US and EU stores, but not the UK store. i waltzed right on into the checkout page on the EU store thinking i would see a UK shipping option, but there is naught. i've been looking all around for a way to order it and the cheapest i can find is £120. i am inconsolable over this

but whatever. clive final fantasy 16 is here. there's a pretty long content lull so they've been running event after event lately. there was an eggday event that ran for two and a half weeks, during which i was playing every day, and when i decided to finally get around to doing it i realized it had ended an hour prior. i repeat: but whatever. also it's been datamined that the Yokai Watch event is coming back so i can finally finish off getting those minions i'll never use

haven't played FFXVI don't know who this is don't know what he's about never even heard of "PS5". i think fundamentally they're pretty limited in what they can do with these FF crossover events. each one just has the main character suddenly appearing and going wh...where am i?.. this isn't my final fantasy game and i have to help them get back. of course i can't say how much of XVI there was in this event because i've never met her. but most of the questline was just leading Clive around and asking "ok do you know where you are now"

just like with the FFXV event a few weeks back the game takes the opportunity to showcase how boring its combat is compared to its series brethren. i think it wouldn't be so apparent if they didn't try to incorporate aspects of the other game's combat for this fight. like wow yeah these abilities don't feel nearly as good here

Yoshi-P not-so-subtlely telling me to buy his other game

april 5, 2024

finally completed all the Heavensward tribal quests the other day and hopefully i never have to go to the Sea of Clouds again. crime to make such a pretty area such a nightmare to get around. kinda disappointed with the allied tribes questline, it was mostly a rehash of the ARR one but with fewer tribes and markedly more dancing

for all my troubles i'm rewarded with smash mouth

i went and started with the Shadowbringers tribes as well because of the awkward amount of quest allowances i get per day, and my obsessive desire to have each tribes' reputation relatively equal. so far each expansion's tribal quests have been more interesting than the last. pixies got me going to some Spyro portal dream world

i started leveling Red Mage because i decided i wanted to do all the Shadowbringers role stories before Endwalker, and i needed to level a DPS caster. yes i keep finding excuses to put off continuing the MSQ, i am scared to walk the end. not sure how i feel about the job yet. it's nowhere near as complicated as Black Mage which is good but if i'm just doing it for the sake of having a job leveled i'm wondering if i should go with Summoner for extra simplicity's sake. Red Mage quests have a catguy, but Summoner has a catgirl. decisions

i....i opened this accidentally while crafting.. i didn't know this was in the game. i've been giving myself headaches trying to use websites to keep track of all this stuff. i can't believe this

hunt update. that's the new feature of this journal is the occasional checking in on how numb the hunt got me. currently: "slightly numb". a third of the way to 2,000 Shadowbranks A-ranks and i'm not deleting that typo, i don't have my mount yet so "shadowbranks" will have to suffice in showing my devotion to staying up till 2am to kill the same twelve monsters over and over. and then doing it again for Endwalker. and then. again for

i have come to learn that server maintenance is good actually. S-ranks usually spawn every 4-6 days but after maintenance they all get reset to 2-3 days. so server maintenance actually sucks because i had to go out during a Big Spawn Day and i missed a ton of them. but of course even if i'm online it's a challenge because i gotta hop servers all the time, and unless i'm standing right by an aetheryte the second the notification pops i'm hit with a 3-minute queue, and they always start killing the thing after 4 minutes. but whatever

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