final fantasy xiv

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may 17, 2024

ooh materia. always nice to find some treasure :)

accidentally set plot in motion the other day. what started as a groupa cool cats and also Urianger looking for treasure turned into going at war with the void or whatever i don't know i left it off there. just going to pretend i didn't see that so i can continue chilling for now, plus i keep hearing the post-Endwalker story is kinda bad so i'm a little scared to continue just yet. and apparently this is where G'raha stops being involved for a long while as if that wasn't enough reason to put it on hold

got Reaper to 90, and so it became time to learn how to play it. have a habit of not super caring about my rotation until my kit is decently-sized, because i'll just have to overwrite that muscle memory later on anyway. i like Reaper i think it's cool and fun. story sucked though. i enjoy warping around and leaving big gaudy portals everywhere

i still plan on slowly over time maxing out every job. made me come to realize i might not be a harpman after all. next up i'm trying out Dancer, and i don't know about it so far it's extremely RNG-heavy. 50% chance to proc which has a 50% chance for a different proc which has a 50% chance for a different proc. but i like going into a dungeon and locking someone into being my "dance partner", haha you thought you were going to fight big monsters no such luck buddy place your hand on my hip. Sage is also being leveled on the side via methods that don't require me to actually play it

but enougha dat garbage.. there are currently three Gold Saucer-involved events running simultaneously, and they just announced the Fall Guys event is coming back next week making it four, so the place is going to be absolutely packed with players. and a lot of them are wearing the new event kappa outfit (that they call an imp because Square for some reason thinks people don't know what kappa are) so it's a bit of a nightmare time

+50% MGP, plus my +10% FC buff, plus each GATE rewarding on average 3-5 special tomestones, 30 of which can be redeemed for 50k MGP. so yea i'm ballin....the only thing i did in-game yesterday was stand around AFK while doing other things (watching the live letter) with alarms going off every 20 minutes for GATEs. i'm coming out of this event with enough to afford every possible reward, 80% of which i will never use ever

never really thought about it much but the Gold Saucer isn't really a casino is it. any entry fees are always made back at least tenfold. thinkin Manderville just lets us on the rigged machines, so people are drawn in after seeing the Warrior of Light winning the big money. sucks for him that almost everyone in here is a Warrior of Light. dude's getting sucked dry


this the worst Leap of Faith map because it's five times harder than the others for the same reward!! usually if i'm at the Saucer and this one pops i just don't do it, but i have come to realize that is the attitude of someone who does not get a funny cactus mount. and i've been actually entering Triple Triad tournaments which i don't think i've ever touched before. maybe i will re-learn how to play mahjong. yeah....yea this the winner's mindset

may 18, 2024

game's ok

fully completed Shadowbringers tribal quests. an end is finally in sight. at least until they add the first new tribe for Dawntrail. i'm still gonna be doing a few of them most days because they're good exp, and for the EW quests to not go to waste today i needed to get Sage to level 80, via methods that do require me to play it. the time has finally come for me to learn greek

i always thought there should be more situational abilities. well now i have them and it's slightly overwhelming. the rigid rotation-based combat has me thinking there's always a specific heal or shield i should be using instead of just panic-hitting one of my several AoEs, which often does the job fine. i tried using running dungeons with NPCs for a while to get the hang of it but they only do baby pulls. still already a better healer than Alphinaud, who drops everything to heal Alisaie and only Alisaie if she gets hurt

the party list has been moved closer to the middle of the screen, which is how you know i'm serious. dove right into the deep end with a roulette and no one died! according to my lodestone profile the only time i've attempted healing in dungeons was when i briefly tried out White Mage in 2020. i was sweating large amounts of sweat, and i can't believe this is how a lot of people generally play the game. i'm not used to having responsibilities bro i usually just focus on making big numbers appear

got no commendations so what was even the point dude i'm not in this to help people, i just want my big chocobo reward mount. for the record i almost always commend da healer just sayin... pretty sure for DPS commendations always come down to who has the nicest looking portrait, and i was hesitant to make myself one for Sage lest people get the idea that i am in fact confident at playing it. no one died and that's what's important. what's more important is that i now had Sage at 80 and could do my bonus tribal quests, for a nice big level's worth of exp. i accidentally did them all as the wrong job so i am still level 80

may 23, 2024

this Dancer job story was ridiculous

stop me if you've heard this one before -- i'm trying to go off caffeine. for i don't know how long, every day i would wake up, forget it has the opposite effect on me and then have it anyway, while very cruelly still getting withdrawals if i don't. i've been trying to get my mind and body back in gear in general and it sucks. finding a job has proven to be too difficult for someone with no education no qualifications and nothing to bring up aside from "i have a website where i talk about final fantasy", so i'm looking for volunteer work just to have something to be responsible for

so it's been five days since my last entry. an unheard-of length of absence around these parts lately, when this game is generally how i've spent my time. yeah well you coulda just been doing mindless grinds with nothing interesting to talk about, you might say. you would also to an extent be correct if you said this. what i've mostly been doing is keeping the game open in the background to do GATEs and occasional hunts. i like to think that when this Gold Saucer event ends next week i'll cool it even more but realistically i'll probably go on a mad dash to catch up on certain things before Dawntrail comes out

how far i have come in my bamboo dodging ability. currently sitting at around 3 million MGP after having emptied my coffers for the 4 million mount last month. yawwwn sure is gettin boring around hangin round da saucer all day, would be great if some new funny little bean guys showed up right about now.....

fallman has come back. you know. when they announced they were remaking Fall Guys in FFXIV i thought wow that sounds like it'll be dreadful (what is this a clip show episode!!!). turns out it's even worse than that. for some reason this game has a habit of holding crossover events that incorporate elements from those other games to show just how lame this game is by comparison. they said this one would "run at irregular intervals" and i'm thinking they should've just not re-run it indefinitely and quietly hoped that over time people would forget about it

why on earth would you try to make Fall Guys with awful netcode and no collision with players or obstacles whatsoever. every obstacle instead has the classic ground marker telegraphs but they're not accurate in the slightest. i swear to god sometimes the attacks happen before the animation and sometimes after. sometimes i don't even have to be anywhere near them to be hit by them. most of my time playing was spent in shock at how bad the whole experience was. as the age-old chinese proverb goes, "what were they thinking???"

this for me highlights a lot of the things i've been thinking about that have made me wanna make more an effort to have my life together. because why would you ever play this instead of Fall Guys. the extrinsic rewards is the reason, not because there's any semblance of enjoyment to be had from the game itself. thankfully i only needed to play a handful of rounds to afford everything, but screw the unlockable titles dude there's one for winning a hundred games, and it's not even hidden away in a seasonal tab, it's just a regular ol achievement. now that i know what it involves i will recognize anyone with the 'Queen Bean' title as insane. now back to farming out killing thousands of S-rank hunts

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