final fantasy xiv

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reading Encyclop√¶dia Eorzea ~The World of FINAL FANTASY¬ģ XIV~ Volume I got me pondering my character. i swear i am not going to go deep into Miqo'te lore on my website but there are some things i've been thinking about changing, and how i would justify them in his backstory. i found out i had a free character change potion on my account so i tried making the changes while making him look as similar as possible and i think it works...

one issue though is the name wouldn't make sense anymore. basically lore-wise my character's name has to begin with letter-apostrophe and the "last" name has to be Tia, but the changes i wanted to make change the naming conventions, and they become even stricter than that. normally i could easily say uhh whatever he just felt like changing his name, but unless i also bought a name change, it would be that he changed his name to fit the wrong conventions. and i don't wanna buy a name change. So i'm gonna leave it for now and continue having normal fun on Final Fantasy

july 28, 2023

since i'm waiting on my new mouse and i don't want to develop temporary muscle memory for combat rotations, i'm focusing on crafting things today. also speaking of mice my current one actually started acting goofy today which, cool that justifies me buying a new one a little more i guess

thanks i bought it on the market board

crafting classes seemed really daunting until i realized most of them are the same. same abilities, same gear, same general progression. i think it makes things a lot easier to level them all alongside each other at the same pace, because it cuts down on gear space and materials aren't such a headache to keep track of. "scrips" and "skybuilder" and "Diadem" were all words that would shut off my brain whenever it heard them, and i'm still pretty confused about collectables and Ishgard restoration stuff. all i know is i left the Diadem, crafted some grade-something things with the grade-whatever mat 10erials i collected there, and it would level up a crafting skill crazy fast. i guess i do that. when i want to level crafting it's this that i do i think. and then i get a scratchcard

since i've been thinking more about the roleplaying/immersion aspects of things lately i did not feel too much like joining the "leatherworkers' guild". especially when they say stuff like this and then i have to say uh-huh sounds good

this game has so many big bad beasts that try to kill me when i walk past, they could have very easily said oh yeah our materials come from those. there was one part where they said "now remember that killing helpless creatures isn't necessary to hone your craft" oh? "yes you may in fact buy materials we have already collected from our vendors" mm. so not that then, what you said. at least fishing has the option to immediately throw back each fish i catch

i don't know dude, like i wouldn't play a video game where the objective was to kick babies around. i've been using this game probably pretty unhealthily in terms of escapism, which is a word that when i used to hear people say i'd think wow what a loser, but no the world is extremely bad and it's actually very good to imagine that you're in a funny fantasy world instead. sure this fakeworld is also war-torn but i don't read about it and think ahh i actually have to deal with that, in life. and here i can, and do, do something about it. basically what i'm saying is i should be able to choose whether to focus my heroic efforts on stopping the Garleans or the Leatherworkers' Guild

this is so awesome!!! Yes!!!!!! apparently this quest to "deliver laurels to Yannie" is super old and just a coincidence, but they couldn't resist updating it to make it even more Epic

the new expansion was revealed today! i was hesitant to watch the keynote because i didn't want story spoilers. i unmuted at one point to check if it was safe yet and all i heard was "yes, G'raha was eating a taco wasn't he"

i tuned in for the content and system updates, the whole time crossing my fingers for a glamour log finally, but my hopes were for naught. i hope in the next expansion we travel to the digital realm and fight the spaghetti code boss. then phil xbox came on and said all the same stuff he says every time he's on a stage, about how Gaming gives us power. And when we Play Together, We are ALL. Warrior of light. Because THIS is what it means, to play x box

it was cool when they touched on (maybe more than "touched on" actually i intentionally didn't watch the first few minutes) the new continent, because i was just reading about it in my big book that i bought so i was like oh! oh!! the content additions are so routine at this point that there was a lot of time spent announcing things while also saying nothing at all. "level cap increase!" whoaa "new dungeons! (none shown)" no way.. "new jobs! (none shown)" this was not on my bingo card!!? most of the emphasis seemed to be on the big new graphics, no doubt enhanced by the Power of Phil's Funbox. they are adding a Fall Guys collaboration minigame that will probably be terrible like everything else movement/platforming-based in this game

august 1, 2023

went through unlocking all my crafters a few days ago. here is the current state of things

been learning a lot

Carpenter questline has a definitely gay guildmaster whose name is a masturbation joke. he would get homoerotically sad then i'd say "yeah but look at this pretty wood i sanded" and he would say "by the twelve... i've naught seen anything like this... my spirits have been lifted". that's the only crafter line i've finished (for 2.0) so maybe this'll change but the others don't have that much in terms of story so far

Blacksmith has a funny drunkard guildmaster who i enjoy. Armorer, which i didn't understand before why is separate from Blacksmith (i still don't (they share a building and even a lot of recipes (i think it was mostly a lore reason?))), is about competing with a guildmate everyone hates, but it's not interesting because i'm immediately a master at everything i do. i don't know why i get cutscenes where the guildmasters go in-depth about the finer details of what i craft. ohh the consistency of the, seams and, perfect symmetry ohhh. i just had two bars that said "progress" and "quality" i don't know what you're talking about dude

Goldsmith has a funny mischievious robot, Leatherworker sucks, Weaver i think just repeats the same punchline. Alchemist and Culinarian stories i feel will come to a head soon, something's being cooked there i know it...and it's not just da food n potions... i was a little disappointed that the non-combat class questlines aren't as story-heavy, but i guess they're all optional whereas each player is going to see at least one combat story, so it makes sense that's where the focus went

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