final fantasy xiv

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august 2, 2023

my new mouse came the other day and lining up my abilities is already way easier! only problem is one of the buttons is very goofy and only registers if i press it forcefully at certain angles. i bought it on eBay so there's no warranty but the seller refunded me a quarter of the price. i'm ready to start swinging my big big axe again...

i have been spending time at the Gold Saucer again, of which i have mixed feelings solely because of the ungodly amount of time i've spent there hearing that music. for posterity i guess i'll expose how chocobopilled i have been in the past

i think i shot myself in the foot a little with breeding and i cannot justify devoting the time to re-learning and fixing my mistakes. my chocy is as biggenstrong as he can become but the inhereted stamina ability is maybe not optimal. although maybe it's okay that i don't win every single race because that would make it that much more mindnumbing of a grind. it's just sometimes i'll finish a race and my stamina will look like this compared to everyone else's and i wonder if i've made an oopsie

maybe i complain about the glamour system more than the average person, but for a game where people say "glamour is the true endgame" it really does suck. here i am painstakingly making sure the limited space in my dresser is taken up only by untradable gear i can't easily reobtain. but it doesn't tell me what's untradable in the dresser UI! instead i have to manually "try on" each piece of gear and check it in the equipment window. still this is all only done in the hopes that one day this game will catch up to other MMOs' transmog systems, because if it doesn't then there's really no point in me collecting things in this manner. then it just becomes hoarding

august 9, 2023

mostly been logging on briefly to do daily tribe quests, got two questlines left to complete for ARR. i'm invested in the tales of the bird people who want to fly high, even if their crafting quests are mindnumbingly boring. today i finally decided to hit 50 as a Warrior and finish that questline as well

again you can't make me take Curious Gorge seriously. it's just not possible. sucks because i thought he was actually kind of a cool character. well whatever give me my level 50 gear already

speaking of stupid pop culture non-jokes i have run into three different quests lately with this same Hitchhiker's Guide reference for a title, as well as two quests named "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magitek/Mahjong". you're gettin lazy with your lazy writing Square!!

in my quest to familiarize myself with dungeons as a tank i've now progressed to the post-50 side dungeons and i'm already having a bad time. "The Wanderer's Palace" ya it's called that cos i be getting lost!! the first dungeon that while running with an NPC party i actually had to tab out to look up what to do, not just in the big maze area but for the final boss

king of spawning stupid adds. i died maybe fifteen times, and i think practice-running things with NPCs is going to quickly become not an option as the fights become increasingly cryptic and call for more involved action than simply "Engage/Disengage"

yeah i tried Pharos Sirius and that one i guess is just not possible with NPCs, and the selection of available with-NPCs-runnable-with-able dungeons is getting a lot smaller. tanking is about to get a lot less enjoyable! straight up how do i learn now without anyone getting mad at me

august 10, 2023

carried on trying to become wise to dungeons' tricks, and have resorted to going in at level 80 just letting things wail on me while i study how they are wailing on me, or doing roulettes as DPS even though i will probably get baby dungeons and/or inexperienced tanks i should not be learning from. but enough of that tedious garbage the Moonfire Faire event is back today babyyy they put summer in Final Fantasy

the quest was fun! a seemingly inconsequential but cute branching-dialogue-detective-ish-thing. i think i've only done a couple previous years' events but i guess there's a recurring cast of characters? or they give past characters cameos in the quests. whatever it is i only noticed because i recognized a catboy from a few years ago. i didn't get to talk to him again so it was pretty disappointing in that regard

they have a parkour tower every year that sucks to do because jumping in this game feels bad, because you only get a 0.1 second window before jumping to control your trajectory. that along with the goofy geometry that plagues 2.0 areas

i don't remember if i've ever made it to the top. or if there even is anything at the top

anyway i quickly gave up on it

zephieheads know how much i hate vertical progression. just for fun i decided to see how trivial ARR's Extreme trials - what used to be the Big Ultimate Challenges - are at level 80 (not even the current cap)

amazing. and that's solo, as opposed to a party of 8 like it would usually require. and i don't have to split loot with anyone. if there's a shiny piece of gear you like the look of but the boss is too hard (as it's supposed to be because the gear is meant to be a trophy) just wait an expansion and everything across the board will be made easier, and irrelevant. i grinded those superhard* bosses for a while to collect their weapons, which man it takes a good while to fill out some of them. luckily most of the boss weapons are tradeable which means ion give a damn! my glamour dresser's for shiny used-to-be-trophies only

no one ever talks about it, but being epicstrong-chosen-one-armored comes with its being permafrozen during this boss i was meant to be fighting with other people who could free me, unable to leave and having to wait a full minute or two for it to whittle down my health

the pain won't cease, i'll find no peace, no sweet release

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