final fantasy

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november 19, 2023

kept forgettin to come back to this.... i'm considerably less enthusiastic about this game than i was before but i have to finish what i started. it's the final fantasy. there won't be anymore fantasy afterwards so i can then rest. i'm also now much further in the preferring to play the remasters camp, which i actually might do soon after, with all the big boosties enabled. that sounds very cathartic to me now, especially after immediately having to grind my guys to level 30

specifically because i'm lookin for that death machine, the strongenest most rarenest enemy in da game, and there is a 3/64 chance of it appearing on this bridge.. i was here for multiple hours!!! i still didn't find it!!!!! and the longer i spend looking for it the more i worry that level 30 is not enough. but i will do it, or else i cannot truly finalize my fantasy

february 3, 2024

it's time to finish the fantasy. haven't played this in two and a half months and it hangs over my head. let it never be said i didn't finish a game on my website except for that Warcraft game i didn't want to finish, but i'm so close to the end of this one i may as well power through it real quick. goes to show how hard i shift between interests; for the first like, 20 hours of playing this i was super in the mood for it and every other Final Fantasy all the time forever. wondering if that means i should play through games quicker and for longer periods before i get the chance to fall off, or slower and less often to prevent burnout

if it was just a matter of taking out the last two bosses i probably would've come back to it a lot earlier. problem is i was so bent on finding that freakening Death Machine because there's a retroachievement for it, as well as a couple other missable late-game ones. and i knew that would eat at me at some point in the future, seeing almost every gamerbadge unlocked on my profile and knowing i coulda just ground it out a lil longer to fill it out, and that i'd now have to spend many hours getting back to that point if i wanted to. thankfully i have since read through a book on OCD which has helped greatly

managed to suppress any urges to walk back a tile or two while on the bridge to give the Killbot a little more time to show up, and booked it straight to Tiamat. pretty sure i overleveled before for the sake of taking on the Murdertron since it's the hardest enemy in the game, because Timmy went down real fast

timetripsuru! ! ! i'll be honest the only reason i put off finishing this for so long was for immersion purposes. i wanted it to span two thousand years

sweet finding a lot of gil in the final point-of-no-return dungeon

this ended up taking me an hour and a half to finish off. there were a lot of battles along the way i don't think i was able to run from which, along with having just played fifty hours of Pokémon is really challenging my decision to not use any fast-forward features. Because uhh the Famicom doesn't have any that's why i don't use them

this guy sucks. got a little worried here because i super promised myself i would finish this game today and i super didn't want to play through the final dungeon again, and i didn't know if i was a little underleveled after all, or if he had any megakill moves i should have prepared for. fortunately this guy sucks. then got a little worried again because his 8-bit-sprite-disintigerating death animation went on forever and i thought something was acting up

i remember this ending exposition being confusing in the PS1 version but man it's even moreso here. now it's in a language i can hardly read

finally fantasy!! i don't think i'll play FF2 again anytime soon, and if i do it won't be the original version. i've come to learn that sometimes, the quality of my life can be improved by quality-of-life features. it can also be improved by not feeling the need to play every game of a franchise in order. i think i'll play one of the good ones next. never did finish 7. got to the final boss then just stopped for some reason. seems to be a recurring theme

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