mario paint

SNES - nintendo / intelligent systems, 1992

january 2, 2024

really stretching with what counts as a game journal here. actually i checked the wikipedia article beforehand to see if it referred to this an art creation video game or software and just went by that. also there's a fly swatting minigame and my emulator notified me about achievements when i loaded it up so we're in the clear

i've been wanting to start an art journal lately, and i've wondered about genuinely using something like this as a main art program. i love limitations! i haven't seriously drawn in a long time and nowadays whenever i load up Krita i'm immediately overwhelmed by all the options. i don't need a thousand different brush settings and filters just show me the button that lets me stamp Mario faces everywhere

first of all this SNES mouse does not emulate well at all. i've never used the actual thing so maybe it just is this jittery and imprecise, but moreso than that it's the constant arbirary shrinking of the cursor window that's killing it for me. often it just won't let me reach a certain button for whatever reason, so then i shake the mouse around wildly and min/max the window a couple times, and for a few magical seconds i can click any area of the screen. the more i struggle with it the more i wonder why i'm even trying to use this

i used to use Mario Paint Composer as a kid, a fanmade PC version of the music portion of this game. i say "use" - i mean mess around with for a few minutes at a time before remembering i don't know anything about music, then looking up videos of recreations of famous songs. in any case this soundfont is very nostalgic for me :) i hate the baby why do they keep putting it in new mario games

sort of refreshing to not know what anything does so i don't even have the opportunity to be overwhelmed. instead i am curious.... for example as to Why is the 'back' button for every menu a bomb that explodes. in a perpetual state of thinking i've just accidentally erased everything. speaking of erasing there's a whole menu specifically for clearing the canvas in funny fun ways?? like a rocket coming to destroy everything or colors going wibblywoobly before disappearing. makes resetting out of rage a little more therapeutic. it's like watching a domino chain go off

ya it's just a little audiovisual masterpiece no biggie.. thinking of using this as a landing page

i am SHOCKED to learn this 1992 SNES cartridge is only able to save one canvas/animation/song at a time... in fact it apparently can't even do that if it's too colorful. also saving takes a full minute. forget what i said about limitations it is now clear that Mario is trying to stifle my creativity. Why did i make a journal out of this why is this the first Mario i play on here

the game part of this game is surprisingly hard but that's because the final boss is controlling the mouse itself. i will figure out how to get it to behave then return to assert dominance over King Watinga, who is the boss of this art program. so that i can 100% this art program

january 3, 2024

i dreamed about this last night. well i think i did, i dreamed about a game that caused me difficulty due to its controls. i think my sleepbrain warped it into a platformer of some kind. can you imagine this mario game as a platformer?? the places our minds go when left to their own devices..... anyway i beat this mode but didn't figure out how to get the mouse working correctly i just powered through it. i killed the big bug and can now officially call myself an artist

in going into Mario Paint aiming to just mess around and see what's what i managed to go back to a mode of Making Things i think had long been out of reach. it's something i've been consciously trying to do for a while now as a reaction to a long period of intense existential dread. all i'll say is i used to have a fairly large amount of followers on the world wide web and then i decided i didn't want that anymore, and i think that sent a shock to the system in terms of having to figure out my own self-worth. then the past couple years especially have been a trial in learning to be creative solely for fun and therapeutic purposes

thank u Mario. i won't keep using you because the mouse sucks but thanks. And thank you for Homestar Runner also

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