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november 30, 2023

i played RuneScape again. only for a half hour though, and just to finish off getting all the Steam achievements. i used to play by replacing the .exe with RuneLite and achievements won't trigger on there, so i assumed everything that was left was all stuff i'd already done anyway. turned out i still had a quest to do to get 100%. anyway that's done now. i'll probably play RuneScape again

december 28, 2023

i played RuneScape again. had the epic fail flu over the past week which i guess had as much an effect on my decision-making as it did on my body. around this time last year i was putting a lot of thought into how to kind of balance this game alongside other things and treat it like as much of an idle game as possible, because the thought of dropping it completely made me kinda sad; it would be like admitting i don't know how to Game Healthily. usually i would eventually come to the conclusion that the AFK-able stuff is always slightly too demanding to not be a detriment to whatever else i'm trying to concentrate on

my favorite thing to do was Farming which probably suited my desire to play as little as possible the best, due to the time between having to check my crops. so when i started playing again yesterday i was excited to just, do a little of that, a few birdhouse Hunter runs over the course of the day u know.. until i'd finished doing one run and i had nothing left to do, and i still felt too sick to do anything more demanding, including play other games. when i was a kid my favorite thing to do was click on a trees so i went to click on a few of a trees

thought i'd get a good look at the new Forestry system as well. i appreciate them trying to breathe new life into the old impossibly boring and simple skills. it's funny when you look at newer RuneScape skills like Dungeoneering and Archaeology that are so wildly in-depth with tons of content to explore, and then there are the old ones like Woodcutting and Firemaking where you click a log and that's the skill. anyway my favorite feature so far is the random event where little wooden guys appear and demand i give them haircuts

after maybe a couple hours i felt like i'd once again gotten my fill of this game. nowadays when i think about making progress in this game, almost anything i could do would involve putting in just a ton of time and work that i don't feel like investing into a video game. i can't tell if i used to be that much more willing to put aside real life aspirations in favor of virtual ones, or i just wasn't as high-leveled in everything so there were more short-term goals for me to shoot for. in any case i now take one look at any quest requirements and immediately feel exhausted

here's the thing: the way i currently update my website is i only publish a new journal when i fill a page, unless i'm sure it's the end. and let's be real, i'll probably play RuneScape again. so right now, this excites me in a way, because the only way i'm gonna be able to publish any of this is if i do some actually interesting stuff in this game that's worth writing about, instead of just "today i got level whatever in skill who cares" and that encapsulating a full day of playing. a lot of the time going to train something like Woodcutting was my response to getting overwhelmed by thinking about more complicated activities

Barrows! i've never done this on my current hardcore character because i'm a little baby. i also don't think i've done it in at all in like 10 years so that increases my babyness since i've forgotten what to expect. they recently added a miniquest surrounding it with some useful rewards so i thought i'd use that as a reason to finally try it out, and also because i've become considerably less concerned about dying on this character

man it was easy. quickly reconsidering whether this qualifies as "interesting stuff". wasn't so much the prospect of rewards that excited me as much as it was just fighting the Barrow Buddies in general and hopefully dying accidentally so i'd have an excuse to call it quits early. now all i have left here to get excited about is loot, and thus it's yet another mindless grind. wiki says it's about a 1 in 15 chance to get a piece of Buddygear so i'll do it a little more and see what happens and then i don't know i guess i'll do a quest or something

hehehe i just very almost died on my third run!! that's what i'm talkin about!!!! accidentally had magic protection on instead of melee against Dharok and he hit like 50 on me. over 800 hours, says steam

i remembered the main reason i put off doing Barrows was because i wanted to have an achievement diary that increases chest rewards done first. anyway i quickly got bored after five or six runs and thought i'd tackle a clue scroll i got from here, fully expecting to not be able to complete it

yeah that's not happening lol. i have done deep Wilderness clues on this character before and they always involved waiting until around 4am when fewer people are online, enabling every possible plugin to increase draw distance and player visibility, and training myself to instantly click logout upon seeing another name appear. this is unfortunately the kind of game where saying "pls don't i'm a hardcore and you would get literally nothing out of killing me" would only make people more excited to kill you

december 29, 2023

did some more Barrows today, none of the brothers stripped for me but i got a dragon med helm which i was mildly excited about before learning my current helmet is better. so whatever i decided to do a quest instead - The Path of Glouphrie, which is a new-old one that was added a few months/16 years ago

i maintain RuneScape has the best quests in any MMO. they're like little point-and-click adventures! i used to hate doing them as a kid because i could not imagine figuring them out without the use of a guide, and constantly tabbing between the game and a guide made them very tedious. luckily technology has come far enough that we no longer need a separate guide open, we can have it in the game itself telling us exactly what to do at every point

Watch the cutscene.

i honestly would try to do quests without the helper if only the game didn't make attempting it totally not worth it. especially as an ironman, tiny mistakes can potentially set me back hours, causing me to have to go craft/collect annoying items again. and then of course the added danger of quests as a hardcore when i don't know what to expect. quests in this game are so close to being extremely cool

anyway i have no idea what happened in this one. not sure if i needed to remember past quests in the storyline or the use of the quest helper just numbed my brain to the point that i wasn't even trying to follow the story. i wouldn't rule out the former; sometimes this game will just release a sequel to a quest from 18 years prior

so yesterday i made the terrible mistake of migrating to a "Jagex Account", with the promise of a new launcher with convenient acess to Jagex's wide library of games (RuneScape and Old School RuneScape!) alllll in one place. downsides include no longer being able to launch the game from anywhere besides the Jagex Launcher, and all the usual necessary Linux workarounds. this became a problem today when i decided i wanted to try out the HDOS client that's included in the launcher, that i couldn't get working and that i could no longer use through its standalone client due to now being afflicted with a Jagex Account

ended up having to setup another launcher that allows logging in with a Jank account and i finally got it working! this client makes the game look more like how it did in 2008, which is when i was playing the most. there's another popular "HD" version of the game that a lot of people like but from how it looks i'm convinced those people have never seen any other video game graphics before. anyway that was a lot of time spent trying to get a game working that i didn't even want to play very much i'm gonna go play guitar some more

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