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january 7, 2024

i never got to do this. why you gotta link up multiple GBAs just to crush some berries. the whole upper floor of the Pokémon Center was kind of mystical to me because i never had a wireless adapter. now if anyone's reading this and wants to netplay some berry crushing instead of something actually exciting like battles or trading hit me up

wouldn't have agonized so much over nicknames if i knew how early on i'd be able to change them. i never used to name my mons as a kid and i don't know why, might have been an OCD thing. then i guess at some point i realized not doing so would be like naming a cat "Cat"

thoroughly regretting giving everyone my number

so forget what i said about cranking out badges and not getting stuck. third gym in Mauville was "shockingly" hard!! because it's electric!!! i lost twice. actually did feel stuck because fighting wild pokémon to level up was so slow and i'd ran out of trainers to battle. i went all the way back to the start to see if anyone wanted a rematch but apparently that's not a thing until the fifth badge.. was just surprised because the last time i played LeafGreen i remembered it being a child's game for children the whole way through

dude said this five times in a row and i straight up thought some kind of anti-piracy measure was kicking in

the bikeroad was my ticket outta da rut... forgot i could use it now that i had a bike and that there were more trainers there!! speaking of the bike i remember having to go to Mauville everytime i wanted to switch between which obstacles i could navigate being very annoying. why can't i simply keep two bikes inside of my bag? only one bike? in my bag? come on now

Wattson has died! party check-in! finally i am able to use Rock Smash to get to the next town even though i was already using it in battles. love Pokémon's arbitrary progression gating

january 8, 2024

won at Pokémon. the slots aren't random and it's possible to time the presses just right but i still spent hundreds trying to hit da big money. probably didn't help that the LCD shader i'm using has slight ghosting for those authentic bad graphics. kind of wish it was random, it turned it into an annoying challenge instead of an exciting skinnerbox which let's be real is the reason i'm playing Pokémon

Nincada evolved and left a rotting mess in my bag!!! for some reason i didn't realize the reason it required a party slot to be free to evolve into Shedinja is because it would actually become a whole separate guy. i thought she'd just evolve twice!! was also not aware it would have 1 HP. so what is it just some kind of jokemon

i think there's good people on both sides. a little torn honestly, like with Team Magma i don't think it's good to deprive sea pokémon of their habitat, but on the other hand their actions help me catch Groudon. likewise with Team Aqua, their actions are bad for land pokémon and humans, but they also help me catch Kyogre, so it's impossible to say who's good or bad. apparently in the remakes Team Aqua are just straight up trying to wipe out humanity in favor of pokémon life which obviously in that case they are the good ones

january 9, 2024

made it to the hot egg town. always wondered if the hot springs actually did anything but apparently they don't. lot of things like that in this game that turn out to be inconsequential, like the interviews and TV shows. someone asks me to describe my Grovyle in one word and i say "BAG" because it doesn't matter, and then every house i enter has their TV flashing, just begging me to listen to myself describe my Grovyle as "BAG"

i keep getting cocky.. i even kept the egg in my party so it'd come out already accustomed to mortal combat. i think i can just waltz into Flannery's gym and blow bubbles at all her guys and they'll go down easy, even though 3/4 of them did. but Torkoal put me in my place. Torkoal had me using an amount of brain power as opposed to not any. usually i just reset after losing to a gym leader but i forgot to save right before Flannery and her gym is a hell nightmare to navigate, which i guess is what she was going for with all the heat

fourth badge get. made a beeline back to Petalburg to beat up my dad. fifth badge get. realizing i can just not mention how many times i lose to gym leaders. no yeah i just walked in and kicked him to the ground immediately. i'm good at Pokémon played it all my life. anyway now i'm able to rematch other trainers!! finally i won't feel like i'm shooting myself in the foot by leveling up the wrong pokémon then getting knocked around by gym leaders, which as mentioned before i have not been doing lately

i really ruined this dude's life. don't care got surf

january 10, 2024

occurring to me that i don't think i've actually played this game all the way through in almost 20 years, and yet i keep running into dungeons i wonder why i don't remember at all. did you guys know there was a new Mauville?? i played Alpha Sapphire a little bit when i had a 3DS briefly before i realized the 3DS completely sucks to use, and i remember being disappointed that Mauville was a totally different, actual new Mauville. anyway Wattson wanted me to turn off this underground generator, clearly hoping i'd accidentally shock myself dead as payback for beating him. no such luck old man

this place is my favorite :) live on a tree have a flying-type gym that's all i need. when i bother getting into secret bases mine's definitely gonna be around here, but i'm holding off because it will probably just make me want to play the Minecraft Pixelmon mod instead. also i gotta teach Secret Power to a guy and i have always been totally averse to using TMs. there could be a TM for a move that instantly wins any battle and i'd still be too intimidated by it being one-time use

this is one of the times these games' worlds being so scaled down is a little sad, because i would love for this "city" to somewhat resemble a city and not a small park. still at least it's nowhere near as bad as the newer games. the more detailed a game's visuals get the harder it is to suspend disbelief about the size of the world, which i feel should be a focus of the graphical style of games with open worlds. the newest Pokémon game i played was Shield and that game definitely presents itself like, this is the world, you're in it and this is how it looks. and then a "town" is three houses and a gym

she's everything i want. i'd totally have an all-bird party if a single-type team wasn't an obviously terrible idea in every possibly scenario in this world. yet everyone who's supposedly an Ultimate Challenger does it anyway. use Rollout and kill five birds with one stone. i wonder if they're all stupid. also a bird flew into my window while i was fighting her. wonder if she's stupid like that as well. don't care got fly

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