pokémon emerald

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january 11, 2024

this game really throws a lot of berries at me, just pelts me with them. i feel the need to replant at every new patch i see at every corner. and in reading up on them whilst writing this i learned that if a berry goes through its growth cycle ten times without being harvested it disappears oops!! i've definitely planted some of my last of berries.... not sure if the game keeps track of time any differently while powered off in an emulator but if some berries are now permanently un-re-obtainable then everything is ruined. i won't be able to get them all. i assume berries are what the series tagline is referring to

the game just shuts off and credits roll at this point. i do go through moral phases with Pokémon, like i know everyone talked about this 20 years ago and you can find a whole heap of early 2000s funny gamer webcomics about it, but that doesn't mean it stopped being true. it is undeniable that i am stuffing wild animals into a ball against their will and forcing them to fight for my amusement. pretty sure there was anime episode that showed what it's like inside a pokéball and it was just the pokémon sitting in there bored, and that pretty much ruined my life. yet NPCs be like "I can tell your AZUMARILL is very fond of you!" u wanna talk Lavender Town Syndrome buddy how about a lil place called stockholm..

well i did start 20 whole hours ago

might be worth mentioning even if it makes me seem like an idiot that i'm playing this game traditionally glacially. i don't like using any kinda emulator speed-up whatever because i think opening the door to that would only make me impatient. i don't even turn off battle animations the game looks lame without them

awesome i will never use it

a few years ago i had a phase where i wanted to catch pokémon only in a ball that somewhat resembled their color scheme. now i've reverted to simply using a regular pokéball for everything, even legendaries, and premiers for shinies (hypothetically). that great/ultra ball icon on a pokémon's summary screen? buddy that's a permanent stamp of weakness

seventh badge get but no time to think about dat!! the magmen are storming spaceworld they're gonna steal the demo for the new pokémon game!!! i've had enough of these dudes. time to team up with my best buddy Steven [eyes darting towards his Beldum] who i respect a ton

mom's so cool..

snooping around the badguy base is probably always the least fun part of a Pokémon game. so lucky me that there are two badguyses now and they be moving around all the time, and i be snooping around all the time, and i'm bored of it. go wake your big dinosaurs and die already

Team Magma has been blasted into space! party check-in! empty slot because i mistakenly thought Steven was about to give me his Beldum but it turns out he sucks? do care but he gave me dive

people were right about this game all those years ago.... "there's quite a lot of water!!!" i have been frequently getting lost which would be fine if having to always reapply a repel wasn't annoying. cost ain't no thing i'm loaded, or i was. unrelated but did you know that losing a battle makes you lose half your money because i didn't. i remember some games explicitly stating "you forked over some coin" upon losing but apparently not in this one, leading me to believe i wasn't losing anything

erm does anyone else think this looks kinda one-sided lol... i mean Groudon and Kyogre clearly don't stand a chance against small girl riding on her mouse. what were they thinking with this scene!

january 12, 2024

i would like to apologize to my Azumarill Mizumi for referring to him as a "mouse" yesterday, i was mistaken as he is clearly a rabbit. even though Marill is a mouse it for some reason turns into a rabbit. Marill is also apparently the only pokémon that can trans its gender upon evolving so i feel Marill and its intense identity crisis. anyway something happened with a big green sky lizard while i was talking about this

this is how you can tell it was an annoying fight. dude i just saved* the city and your gym you could at least tell your seahorse to let me have this   *asked the sky lizard to save

full stamp card get!! kinda stopped trying to fill my pokédex until after i'm queen udda world because wild pokémon are a little high-leveled now and i have a weird desire to train them up from a baby level myself. sometimes i'll run into a guy then check my pokédex to see if there's anywhere i could get a lower-level one instead. i don't wanna be thrust into dealing with hormonal teenagers before i get to know them

speaking of training babies i started to wonder when exactly i would be getting an exp share. i make it a point to talk to every NPC so surely i wouldn't have missed it if it happened already. it did it happened in the city with the first gym, i went and got every other badge before letting a dude in Rustboro know i delivered his letter and him giving it to me as thanks

walked into Victory Road and some snotbaby wanted to fight me. swiped at his heel real easy and he immediately got ejected from the cave. victors only buddy

wow. the Pokémon League. this has been my dream ever since i left home a day ago and now i've finally made it. and after learning that losing a battle makes me lose a whole entire half of all my money i turned right back around because i am not ready for this yet. i probably want a party of at least level 45-50 guys first. to get that i had two guys to level up who are grass and electric-type, and lucky me i had a whole literal ocean of water-type trainers i very skillfully avoided before

going by scaled-down pixelworld rules a lot of these people are in real danger. why are you swimming in the middle of the actual ocean

because i hadn't played through this game since i was a child and didn't remember when they were supposed to happen, i felt like i was constantly getting faked out in terms of legendary encounters. there's a legendary guy in this cave oh man here we go. nope it disappeared. oh my god the legendary guys are facing off and i have to catch them to calm them down let's do this. nope gotta go meet with a sky wizard who'll help. oh my god the wizard is another legendary guy hell yes finally. no now everyone has disappeared

eventually i assumed they're all only available after i become a hallafamer. makes sense, greenlizard skywizard is what level 70 right that'd be pretty cheap to take into the league with me. turned out it went back to its post early

i can't believe catching the ultimate guy of the game is turning out to be so difficult. i remember excitedly texting my friend as a kid "i just caught rayquaza!!!!!!!" but guess what, that kid me was weak and used ultra balls. not me, i'm stubborn and stupid instead of weak. yes my pokémon are weak that does not mean i myself am weak

i was too concerned with getting it down to a sliver of health and paralyzing it, after which it would usually either go to sleep and totally heal up, or confuse itself and die, so i never had many chances where i felt it was worth throwing a ball. i'm looking at a catch rate calculator now and all that weakening doesn't actually seem to make much of a difference for a guy this big, so i really oughta just keep hucking balls next time. but that will be later on when i'm my pokémon aren't so weak that i'm using a revive every other turn

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