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january 13, 2024

bored of cyclin through this place battlin the same trainers!! got everyone to at least level 45 which i was worried still wouldn't be enough to take on the Epic Four. but i figured it would be more worth my time to use the funny four themselves for training, so i said screw it and spent like $200k on healing items that i'd probably need anyway, just so i wouldn't lose a ton upon whiting out

this is the initial League Team, do u think they can do it??? find out soon... also yes i keep changing nicknames, in fact i've stopped naming pokémon upon catching them because being put on the spot i always end up calling them some concoction of syllables that does not resemble a name any kind of creature would have

first battle had me feelin good feelin spry. hardly lost anything! but immediately everyone is higher level than me which was worrying. thankfully it turns out they're limited to only a few healing items whereas i have an absurd amount

next two pfft weren't even anything pfft elite snore. Phoebe? phoe be dead. Glacia? gla see ya. yeah my guy may have 1 HP but that's more than 0 HP, simple mathematics that's the first key to pokémon battles. that and buying 40 revives. Drake of the Four Dragons did have me a little worried toward the end though. for some reason beforehand i thought oh a dragon guy i'll just bring in my own dragon to take them out, easy. didn't think that one through to be honest

looking at this screen a lot. kinda makes me feel like healing items should be limited if this is meant to be a sanctioned battle. realizing how possible it is to rely on tiring out the opponent by constantly shoving revives down my team's throats, although i did spend almost all my money to be able to do that so maybe it's not always viable. have a lot of money that's the second key to pokémon battles and i guess everything else in life as well. don't get depressed now just keep playing the colorful animal game

found out that in the manga this dude and Winona the flying gym leader were an item so obviously he had to die. all of my guys played their part really well :) stupid animals can't do anything unless i tell them to but they at least did what i told them, for the most part

Pokémon Emerald! i am not even close to done unfortunately, i want to pokémon got to catch all of them!!! one time as a kid i beat the champion a second time and immediately reset because i was scared it would give my pokémon a second Champion Ribbon which for some reason bothered me. now i'm going to incorporate beating it into these guys' daily routines for the sake of exp-sharing babies. put on this helmet little guy i promise your childhood won't be rapidly taken from you

ah man. this is where i decide whether i get Latias or Latios. i always assumed if i wanted to complete my gen 3 dex i'd need to play Ruby or Sapphire as well eventually, but apparently the only pokémon that isn't obtainable in Emerald or Colosseum/XD, is the other choice. so i'd have to replay the whole game/play a worse version of it just for one pokémon. this is a long-term goal of mine so i'd probably be okay with doing this again like, a year from now. pretty sure there are small cross-game benefits to having Ruby/Sapphire as well. maybe not but i'll choose to believe there are, to justify my decisions

i realize there's an event item that would enable me to get the other Lati on this save, but i don't know i'm apprehensive about cheating in stuff like that. a lot of people probably wouldn't consider it "cheating in" since those items either aren't available anymore or cost exorbitant amounts of money. and i guess you could also make the argument that i'm already playing an "illegitimate" copy of the game, so the door to simply downloading gated data has already been opened. again, this is a long-term goal so i have a lot of time to realize how stupid and stubborn i'm being

january 29, 2024

occasional box check-in! by this point i am completely sick of the route next to Mauville. i've been booting up every once in a while just to grind some guys through puberty for an hour or two while watching TV. i thought getting a full box of evolved guys outside of the League Team would be a good milestone, and i think this might be my stopping point with Pokémon for a while. feeling sufficiently graduated from this phase i got into, and i fully acknowledge that is likely due to cycling across the same straight line battling the same trainers for fifteen hours

coulda made use of the day care a lot earlier to speed things up. was hesitant because i didn't want my guys realizing how much better lives they would live here than being stuffed in my computer forever. also they teach them stupid moves which i used to worry about but now it's not like i'm taking 90% of these guys out into battle ever. i haven't been worrying at all about stats up to this point and if anything it will be their offspring that will be getting jacked

i think i also had a lingering negative feeling about the day care because when i was very young i went into a panic over not being able to afford to pick up my guys. then they would keep leveling up thus costing more money, faster than i knew how to make it. getting softlocked like this was a lot more of a worry when i was a stupid kid, like in FireRed when it took me to the Sevii Islands i thought i was just stuck there forever from then on. anyway needless to say not being able to afford things no longer worries me

i have no idea what i would even spend all this money on. but the more my wallet grows so does my hesitancy toward using the Elite Four for training. i think going through the whole league just to evolve one guy is overkill so i'd wanna take in at least two, and i'd want my core league team to be at least level 60 for that, which i've been slowly getting them up to the past couple weeks

hoped i'd feel somewhat comfortable with tackling the Battle Frontier before putting this game down for a while. i thought it was impossible as a kid, because i didn't know anything about stats and i just taught my pokémon whatever moves had the biggest numbers. my guy is level 100 that means it's maximum strong so why can't it win!!! but now i'm older, wiser. now i know that the pokémon who wins is the one whose trainer looks up guides online, meanwhile the only place the other trainer has to learn from is a "trainer school" where all they teach you is that BUG POKéMON are cool! I can fit them in my SHORTS!

i have learned i'm also only able to get either Huntail or Gorebyss on this save and i would need to play again for the other, so that's two pokémon i would be playing through Sapphire for. that's enough justification i think. yeah now it's a good use of my time right. in any case i've gotten Pokémon out of my system for now, and i feel good about not having an urge to start fresh once i come back to it down the line like i usually do. i will fulfill a childhood dream and complete my gen 3 dex. over time. but not now i'm hungry

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