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december 19, 2023

Endless Mode really do mean endless. not just theoretically you could go on forever, no you actually will go on forever. had made visits to the Vampire Survivors subreddit and saw it said "no 'help i cant die' posts" and i wondered, how crazy long must it take to get to that point. however long it takes, it's less than 20 hours, because i'm there. i unlocked a funny evolution for this guy and thought "uh oh" as soon as i noticed how much his health was not going down

the problem is it doesn't get any harder. the game is balanced around 30-minute runs, and after 30 minutes in endless it just loops back around, meanwhile i'm only getting beefier. but i now understand the endgame here is essentially turning this into an idle game and breaking it as much as possible. i see posts about people eventually buying trillions of golden eggs that raise a character's stats, and watching gameplay of that is like watching body horror. as of now i can afford a humble dozen carton of eggs. so endless is apparently for AFK farming gold but i did not go in with a good farming setup. i went in with a wanting to be killed at some point setup

whoops! there's a "final boss" i hadn't beaten. and these two screenshots - the first before the fight and the second after it - really do sum up this whole game

that's vampire game i suppose. i went and bought the DLCs last night, and i'm kind of wishing i'd waited it out a little longer. now there's a ton more stuff in the completion lists, and i was getting pretty close to seeing it at 100%.....

december 22, 2023

been slowly working towards unlocking everything before starting any DLC. apparently they didn't add new Steam achievements for the Among Us expansion specifically because as a collaboration it could get delisted in the future and they didn't want the game to become un100%able. so the true test of how easily i can break away from this game will be whether or not i feel like stopping by the time i reach that point, especially considering i likely won't understand anything in that DLC

one thing about this game still fascinates me - just about everything is ripped from some other game, or tried to be passed off as homage. this character is straight up Bayonetta and it plays very Bayonetta music, as if copying the box art wasn't enough. it's all pretty bad, as is everything that lazily relies on reminding people of other things they like, though for some reason i feel like it wouldn't have been as bad if they'd stuck to everything being taken from Castlevania, instead of trying to be Not Smash Survivors. and no i can't be won over by a stage based on Sonic

i like all the fun weird ways to unlock secret characters, even if the hints they give are overly cryptic and i'm basically required to look up what to actually do. and in doing so finding the key combinations that i alternatively can input to unlock them but that's no fun. just weird because they're not outright labeled as cheats and i pretty much have to come across them anyway. a lot of the cool things in this game are hidden behind going after these characters

what's not cool is when those things are boss fights that consist solely of inching to the side for 10+ minutes, with no clue as to when it will end. sometimes being the bullet hell ain't all it's cracked up to be

february 4, 2023

buhhhh. Uhhh ok i haven't played this in a while and my brain and my brain is a little mush from attempting to get back into it. you know what i'm gonna leave that typo there to get my point across. making an effort to go through the unfinished games on this site, though i don't think i could really finish this one since they're always working on expansions? so i don't know when i'll call it quits

the only note i have on here is that i apparently 100%'d the base game after 35 hours. i know i started playing the first expansion Legacy of the Moonspell before i got the flu and fell out of it. opened the game back up for a lil bit today and now i've 100%'d that DLC as well. looking through screenshots i took before and i don't remember much because this game does not engage the brain in a way that it feels the need to commit it to memory, or to make grammatical sense when writing about it. a lot of the time i've spent playing this game i've been sick and stupid and i think that's happening again

Legacy of the Moonspell is an expansion DLC for Vampire Survivors. It released on December 15, 2022, priced at $1.99. one thing i do remember, after finishing off 100%ing it today, is that unlocking everything really boiled down to: getting to 15 minutes with a new character and evolving their weapon, which unlocks a new character, and repeat. there's also a bigger, much denser map they clearly want me to explore because of all the item pickups, except i can just activate the extremely useful ability that teleports every item to me every couple minutes so why bother moving away from the starting area

february 6, 2024

Tides of the Foscari is an expansion DLC for Vampire Survivors. It released on April 13, 2023, priced at $1.99, and i completed it today. by this point, after 100%ing the base game and the first two expansions, i definitely think i've seen all this game has to offer without having to play the third. this DLC was more of the same progression-wise, and sure there are new characters and weapons but any change in playstyle is imperceptible. there were a couple boss fights but again they were just trials in slowly inching away from them for a few minutes

i think i can label this a finished game. aside from the Among Us expansion and adventure modes, this game vampirically has checklists for completing every stage with every character which thankfully i have no desire to make any headway in. what i did want to try out a little bit before calling it was totally loading a character with golden eggs, cracking this game open and slurping out all the dollars

it does essentially become an idle game at this point, but not a very interesting one. the only real point to it is seeing how glaucomic i can get the screen to become. i'm not epileptic but i'm also not in the mood to find out i'm wrong about that, plus the existentialism quickly started to set in so i ducked out

in the end i'm glad this game only took up ~45 hours of my time because i was dreading that it would be a lot more. i may come back to this at some point, depending on if they can figure out a way to make new content varied enough while still only using a d-pad control scheme. or if they add a vampire

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